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*We breed incredible and breath taking Puppies whose looks, standards, personalities, and temperament are not comparable and our puppies have great health status which is a prime factor.
*Our puppies are an integral part of our family and are home raised with years of experience, as well as with advise from their veterinarians. We also spoil them with all the love, care and attention that they need.
*If you are an individual who is interested in a *Classy* companion, please do not miss your opportunity of owning one of these adorable puppies.

*Breeding these Puppies is not only time-consuming, it is also quite complicated but we sincerely can't think of a better way to spend our time. My family has over 10 years of experience in breeding and pride ourselves on the quality of the puppies we sell.



There Is no better place to get a healthy and trained puppy if not with us. Our puppies are so cute and adorable. Be happy you found us because  we are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that you get your additional family member

The best part about breeding these beautiful animals, is watching our puppies go to loving homes and staying in contact with those families to watch them grow. It is always a delight to learn about their antics and the cute and funny things that they do. We are really pleased when people send us emails and tell us about the joy and fun that our puppies have brought into their homes hence if you plan on getting a puppy from us we will appreciate it if you maintain the chain..

*Our puppies after sale, come along with all necessary registration documents, health guarantee, and puppy packs.
The available puppies for sale come in variety of colors which is not only a unique factor but a blessing because the colors are highly admired and appreciated by most of our customers. Contact us to purchase your Puppies today via our contact form or give us a Call now.