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Whats keeps  us going is the satisfaction and happiness our clients get from buying our healthy puppies,  Below you will get what a few clients have to say


My family and I purchased our puppy from you in March . He is such an amazing dog. Big, smart, loving, and an absolute goof ball. But besides the obvious about your dogs, you went above and beyond during the purchase. We talked on the phone about what we were looking for in a pet, and you  wanted to know more about us and the future home of your pup. And…you rushed him to us THE NEXT DAY! Such a great experience
Prinsloo and family


OMG!!! Linda has made me distinct in my neighborhood as a result of her mature behavior.First and foremost.I have constantly been stopped by strangers who get so amazed at her beauty that they get to ask where i got her from and i have never wasted a second to tell about your puppies.I am sure three of my neighbors will be buying puppies from you soon.The other person ordered one and it arrived this morning and everybody in the estate is like do you specialize only in excellent breeding…lol.Thank you so much for this fun you have provided to us.It is creating more of a family reunion and special orientation on the part of our kids.

“Just wanted to give you an update on our girl. Sassy is almost 9 months, We want to “Thank you” so much for breeding such friendly, outgoing, lovable and beautiful puppies. As a small puppy we began walking her twice a day…She literally has stopped traffic!! I had at least 3 cars pull over and stop me…everyone said the same thing…. Your puppy is the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen!! Every where we take her people stop us and just adore her, and she soaks it all up. She loves to play ball and is the best puppy for us. She is more motivated by ball play than food. Sometimes I have to work late and arrive home between 11 to midnight, Sassy is the only one who waits up for me. Its wonderful to walk thru the door and be greeted by such a happy puppy.Thank you again,”
William Hudson

It’s been 3 weeks now. She is doing great! She is such a smart doggy :0) She is learning new commands almost everyday. I just taught her to “shake.” She is becoming my daughter’s best friend. They just play for ours running back and forth through our house, in and out of the rooms. But Mykah just gets giggling so hard and Paige just keeps playing with her. Its so cute, Paige will bump Mykah and Mykah will fall down, then Paige falls down next to her and rolls over on her back and will lay there ’til Mykah gets up.

We’re really happy with her! Thank you so much! –

Brianne  & Wife